Projects of Prof. Dr. Jörg Schibler

  • Isotope analysis of well dated cattle and red deer bones from Swiss Neolithic lakeshore settlements as indicator for herd management, dairying , environment and human impact (Link). Swiss National Science Foundation CR12I2_143815 (PI: J. Schibler; Co-PI’s: Prof. Moritz Lehmann, Dr. Hansjörg Brehm; Dr. Beat Eberschweiler)
  • An Interdisciplinary study of the faunal remains from Abri Unterkobel (Oberriet SG) - Reconstruction of the prehistoric economy, faunal changes, environmental history and human impact within a rock-shelter site in Eastern Switzerland. Swiss National Science Foundation CR12I3_159658 (PI: Dr. Martin Schindler, Kantonsarchäologie St. Gallen, Co-PI: J. Schibler)
  • Genetic signatures in wild and domestic horses (Equus sp.) during 40'000 years BC in comparison with present-day horse breeds. Swiss National Science Foundation CR13I1_140638 (PI: Dr. Angela Schlumbaum, Co-PI’s: Prof. Tosso Leeb, J. Schibler
  • Archaeozoology of the site Zürich-Opéra (granted by the canton of Zürich), PI’s: S. Jacomet and J. Schibler