Early farmers in Europe: North Macedonia Project

In 2019 we started collaborating with the Centre of Prehistoric Research (Dr. Goce Naumov) and the Museum of Prilep and Museum of Bitola towards the archaebotanical and micro-residue analysis of sediment samples from the sites of Vrbjanska Čuka and Veluška Tumba. Both sites are located in the Pelagonia Valley, one of the paths that the first farmers took in their advance towards continental Europe around 6000 cal BCE.

Despite the importance of this area for the understanding of the spread of crops and domesticated animals, there are still many questions open concerning the house rythms, activities inside and outside houses, weeds accompanying the crops, the nature of farming, as well as how farming was adapted to the more continental climate that is found in places such as the Pelagonia valley.


Publication about the project in Antiquity:

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