I am an archaeobotanist with a Bachelor degree in Archaeology from the University of Porto (Portugal), and an MA in Prehistory of North-Western Europe from the University of Leiden (The Netherlands). I am currently doing a PhD in Prehistoric Archaeobotany at the University of Basel (Switzerland). I have been focusing my research on the relationship between humans and the environment in the past. In particular, I analyse how humans use plant resources; not only focusing on the type of crops that were used in the past, but also which wild plants might have been used for textiles, oil, medicine and other purposes. I am interested in having a long-term perspective of human-plant interactions, from the history of agriculture, technology and traditional knowledge regarding plant uses, and I work on different periods from the Mesolithic to modern times.

Main research interests

  • Archaeobotany
  • Human relationship with nature in prehistoric times
  • Plant uses in the past
  • Biometrical techniques
  • Domestication and its social, economic and cultural aspects

Curriculum Vitae

from 2018PhD candidate in Archaeobotany. Faculty of Science, IPAS, University of Basel. Project SNF Professorship “ Small seeds for large purposes: an integrated approach to agricultural change and climate during the Neolithic in Western Europe” (2018-2021, PI: F. Antolin, University of Basel)
2010-2019 Participation in several excavations in Portugal, Italy, Spain and Macedonia.
2016-2017Research Fellowship within the project " Arqueobotânica do Baixo Sabor", Environmental Archaeology laboratory, Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto.
2015-2016MA in Prehistory of North-Western Europe. Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University. Areas: Prehistory of Europe; Paleoecology; Cereal processing; Identity and Archaeology; Neolithisation of the ancient Near East. ”Negotiating Personhood: disposal of animal remains in mortuary practices at the beginning of the adoption of domestic animals in South Scandinavia and Netherlands”

Master's internship
Technical archaeologist at the excavation of the El Prado Enclosure in Azután (Toledo, Spain) directed by M.ª Felicitas Schmitt, University of Tübingen

2014-2015 Freelance archaeobotanist (seeds and fruits identification) in the Environmental Archaeology laboratory, Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto, within the project "Arqueobotânica do Baixo Sabor”. 
2013 Training in Archaeobotany directed by Dr. João Tereso.
2012-2013Erasmus Program. Suor Orsola Benincasa University of Naples. Areas: Laboratory of experimental archaeology; Laboratory of sciences applied to archaeology and Informatics applied to archaeology.

BA in Archaeology. Faculty of Arts, the University of Porto
Areas: History and Theory of Archaeology; Pre- and Protohistoric Archaeology; Medieval History of Portugal; Classical Archaeology; Asset Management; Archaeology and Heritage; Materials Technology and Preventive Conservation; Modern and Contemporary History of Portugal.

Ana Cláudia Jesus Sousa
Integrative Prähistorische und Naturwissenschaftliche Archäologie (IPNA)
Spalenring 145
4055 Basel

Tel: +41 61 207 42 33