Do you want to work with us?

These are the topics we are working on, where we would welcome your collaboration in form of a Bachelor, Master or PhD Thesis, as well as at a PostDoc level:

Archaeobotanical analyses
We are studying several Neolithic sites located in Switzerland, Northern Italy, South-eastern France and the North-east of the Iberian Peninsula. We include key sites, usually with waterlogged deposits, such as La Draga and Isolino Virginia or Zürich-Parkhaus Opéra. If you would like to get training in archaeobotany studying one of them, get in contact with anyone from the team.

Stable isotope analyses
We are making a large number of measurements of stable isotope analyses on grains in the study region. We would welcome PostDocs who would want to expand these studies with other analyses.

Spatial analyses
We are excavating the site of Cova de Can Sadurní and trying to develop a GIS for the site. If you want to join in, get in touch with us.

High-resolution palaeoclimatic reconstructions
We are interested in developing methods for high-resolution palaeoclimatic reconstructions that can be useful to interpret dynamics at a site and regional scale. For now we are working with carbon stable isotope analysis, insect, plant and small animal remains. If you have a proposal or want to join in, let us know!

Contact to Prof. Dr. Ferran Antolín